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Work From Home

Identity Design ︎ California College of the Arts, 2020
Team: Charles Victor, Jane Lu, Jono Jun, Mariana Madero
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It’s the Graphic Design Seniors!
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Work From Home!

A virtual showcase of work from our Graphic Design students graduating this Spring.

Work From Home is an exhibition that showcases CCA’s class of 2020 graphic design graduates. When it was clear that a migration needed to happen from the physical to the digital realm, it was a daunting task. With a declining moral amongst the students, what the show needed to be became clear.

The exhibition became a space where the graduates could showcase their work alongside themselves. What would be present in the exhibition was a sense of the designer behind the art, which we translated into the site via recordings that each designer filmed. The designers were given to boundaries to what they could film, making the exhibition a wonderful homage to the work and the personalities of the Class of 2020.