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This Will (Not) Be Easy

Exhibition Design ︎ Volume Inc., 2020
Creative Director: Adam Brodsley, Eric Heiman
Volume Inc. exhibition held at the Bolivar Art Gallery at University of Kentucky.

Philosophy and process first, results second.

Pinterest, Instagram, Behance, and all the other visual-rich platforms we scroll through regularly barrage us with the pristine, perfectly photographed results of creative toil, but rarely the philosophy or blood-sweat-and-tears process that goes into getting to that point. Could our exhibition be the antidote to this?

The result was Volume Inc: This Will (Not) Be Easy. Where one would usually expect to see the actual work first and foremost with the philosophy and process is reduced to wall text (if seen or read at all), our exhibition completely reverses that hierarchy. Instead, it’s a snapshot of all the thinking and making that goes into the final Volume product.

Under the guidance of Creative Directors Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman, Ellie worked primarily on the central banner. Hung in the center of the gallery, a long banner holds a collection of single typeset sentences that each describe a Volume project. These finished works can only be viewed through an augmented reality app on one’s smartphone. The visitor focuses their phone on the text and the project image (or series of images, or even a video) is displayed on the screen.

One of the performative components, which Ellie had also work on, in the exhibition is a communal “tenet wall” that included giveaway RISO prints intended for visitors’ homes or workspaces as creative inspiration. Also included was a blank print so the mostly student audience could contribute their own creative rule to our dozen or so already on the wall.